Uvalde driver’s, even if you never get into a car accident, chances are you will at some point experience some form of windshield damage. Statistics show that almost every driver will experience some type of windshield damage- anything from a rock chip to a full on windshield replacement. Gilbert’s Auto body has trained certified Auto Glass technicians here to make your auto glass replacement service as smooth and convenient as possible to our customer, we are here to service your needs.


Auto glass services include: Windshields replacement, side rear and vent glass replacement, door motors and regulator replacement and stone chip repair. We accept insurance claims as well. Let the Gilbert’s body shop service all of your auto glass needs.


Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield Replacement


You can save money on your Uvalde glass repair…


If you notice a chip on your glass and that chip fits under a dollar bill, get an auto glass repair as soon as possible before it cracks and needs replacing. Catch it early and a windshield repair could be all you need.


Or it may not cost you anything


Depending on your insurance coverage, your windshield repair may be completely covered. We work with many insurance companies, or you can pay for the service on your own.


Auto Glass repair Uvalde TX

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